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Top 5 bikes owned by the ‘american badass’ wwe icon undertaker

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Custom built west coast choppers cfl the undertakers love for custom bikes began with the cfl a sleek chopper built by west coast choppers reflecting his rebellious persona

Harleydavidson softail the deadmans collection wouldnt be complete without a classic harley hes often been spotted cruising on his harleydavidson softail

Confederate hellcat x132 undertakers fascination with power is evident in his confederate hellcat x132 a beast of a bike with a 132 cubic inch engine

Orange county choppers bike in a memorable episode of american chopper the undertaker collaborated with occ to create a unique motorcycle further cementing his bike aficionado status

Yamaha vmax this japanese muscle bike is another gem in undertakers garage the vmaxs powerful v4 engine suits his badass image perfectly

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