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Top 10 barbie movies of all time ranked worst to best

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Barbie and the rockers out of this world 1987 barbies early foray into music didnt quite hit the high notes ranking lowest on our list

Barbie in a mermaid tale 2010 this underwater adventure didnt make waves with audiences landing in the 9th spot

Barbie and the three musketeers 2009 while it had a swashbuckling plot it ranks 8th for not quite living up to its potential

Barbie fairytopia 2005 despite its magical world this movie ranks 7th for not captivating audiences as much as others

Barbie and the diamond castle 2008 landing in 6th place it offered friendship and music but other films trumped it

Barbie and the secret door 2014 this mystical journey lands in 5th place for its intriguing storyline and magical element

Barbie and the magic of pegasus 2005 this enchanting tale soars into 4th place for its captivating fantasy