1: "Healthy Evening Snacks for Weight Loss: Satisfy cravings with nuts, veggies or Greek yogurt."

2: "Try air-popped popcorn, edamame or homemade trail mix for guilt-free munching."

3: "Opt for protein-rich options like hard-boiled eggs, turkey roll-ups or cottage cheese."

4: "Satisfy sweet tooth with dark chocolate, fruit slices or chia pudding."

5: "Stay hydrated with herbal tea, infused water or sparkling water."

6: "Avoid fried or oily snacks; choose baked or grilled options instead."

7: "Portion control is key: use small bowls and plates to avoid overeating."

8: "Plan ahead: prep snacks in advance to avoid impulsive choices."

9: "Remember, snacking can be a part of a balanced diet for weight loss success."