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Dwayne johnson share upper body moves 2023

Join the rock dwayne johnson on his journey to share his top upper body moves for 2023 get ready to sculpt those muscles and achieve your fitness goals with these expert tips from the man himself

Tip 1 pushup variation dwayne starts with classic pushups but spices things up with various hand placements and tempo changes pushups are the foundation for building a strong upper body

Tip 2 bench press mastery learn dwaynes secrets for the perfect bench press form whether youre a beginner or a seasoned lifter his tips will help you maximize your gains

Tip 3 shoulder shredder dwayne shares his favorite shoulder workout routine to get those cannonball delts you wont believe the results until you try it yourself

Tip 4 bicep blast discover the rocks goto bicep exercises for massive guns its all about form and intensity when it comes to building those peaks

Tip 5 tricep triumph dwayne johnson knows the importance of welldefined triceps learn his techniques to carve out those horseshoeshaped tris

Tip 6 pullup power the rocks upper body strength wouldnt be complete without pullups find out his variations and how to progress from beginner to advanced levels

Tip 7 dumbbell dominance dwaynes dumbbell workouts are legendary discover his favorite exercises and how to incorporate them into your routine for maximum impact