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Best houseplants that grow well under artificial light

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Snake plant sansevieria this hardy plant thrives in low light conditions making it an ideal choice for artificial light environments

Spider plant chlorophytum comosum known for its airpurifying properties it flourishes under artificial light and adds a touch of green to your space

Peace lily spathiphyllum these elegant plants with their striking white blooms can thrive under artificial light brightening up your home

Pothos epipremnum aureum a versatile and easytocarefor plant that does well under artificial light even in dim corners

Zz plant zamioculcas zamiifolia this lowmaintenance plant can tolerate low light making it perfect for artificial lighting

Aloe vera aloe barbadensis miller a succulent that adapts well to artificial light conditions and offers the benefits of its healing gel

Philodendron these popular houseplants come in various varieties and thrive under the right artificial light