1: "Bottle Lamp: Transform empty bottles into stylish lamps for a custom touch."

2: "Mason Jar Lights: Create a cozy ambiance with mason jar lights in any space."

3: "String Light Chandelier: Elevate your decor with this easy and elegant lighting idea."

4: "Geometric Pendant Light: Add a modern flair with a DIY geometric pendant light."

5: "Edison Bulb Sconces: Industrial chic meets warmth with these unique sconces."

6: "Paper Lanterns: Customize your space with colorful paper lanterns for a festive vibe."

7: "Twine Ball Lights: Bring a rustic charm with DIY twine ball lights in any room."

8: "Book

Lampshade: Repurpose old books into a one-of-a-kind lampshade for a literary touch."