1: 1. Monmouth Coffee Uncover freshly roasted beans at Monmouth Coffee, popular amongst caffeine connoisseurs.

2: 2. Kaffeine Indulge in expertly brewed flat whites at Kaffeine, a cozy spot in Fitzrovia.

3: 3. Workshop Coffee Savor perfectly crafted flat whites at Workshop Coffee, a trendy spot in Marylebone.

4: 4. TAP Coffee Discover delicious flat whites at TAP Coffee, known for their specialty coffee blends.

5: 5. Flat White Experience the namesake drink at Flat White, a welcoming cafe in Soho.

6: 6. Prufrock Coffee Enjoy artisanal flat whites at Prufrock Coffee, an award-winning coffee shop in Farringdon.

7: 7. Department of Coffee and Social Affairs Embrace the vibrant coffee culture at Department of Coffee and Social Affairs, with various locations across London.

8: 8. Attendant Relish unique flat whites at Attendant, a converted underground toilet in Fitzrovia.

9: 9. Association Coffee Appreciate exceptional flat whites at Association Coffee, a cozy spot in the heart of the City.