1: "Try making mini cornbread muffins for a quick snack or side dish!"

2: "Use Jiffy Corn Bread as a base for a southwest-style cornbread casserole."

3: "Add cooked and crumbled sausage to your cornbread mix for a savory twist."

4: "Create a sweet and savory cornbread stuffing for your holiday meals."

5: "Make cornbread waffles for a fun and unique breakfast option."

6: "Try adding chopped jalapeños and shredded cheddar cheese to your cornbread batter."

7: "Use cornbread croutons in your salads for added texture and flavor."

8: "Make a cornbread crust for your homemade pot pies for a delicious twist."

9: "Create a decadent cornbread pudding by adding chocolate chips and caramel drizzle."