1: Looking for shows similar to the Suits spinoff? Check out gripping legal dramas on other streaming platforms.

2: Catch up on Perry Mason, a gritty drama set in 1930s Los Angeles, on HBO Max.

3: Explore Pearson, a Suits spinoff focusing on powerhouse lawyer Jessica Pearson, on Amazon Prime Video.

4: Tune in to The Good Wife, following lawyer Alicia Florrick's journey in a high-stakes legal world, on Hulu.

5: Dive into Billions, a series about the cutthroat world of finance and law, on Showtime.

6: Delve into Madam Secretary, a political drama following Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord, on CBS All Access.

7: Discover White Collar, a series about a con artist working with the FBI to catch white-collar criminals, on IMDb TV.

8: Immerse yourself in The Newsroom, a drama centered around a cable news network, on HBO Max.

9: Find these captivating shows outside of Netflix for your next binge-watching session!