1: 1. Chemistry: Tony and Ziva's dynamic is unbeatable 2. History: Fans have been rooting for a spinoff 3. Action: Their crime-fighting skills are top-notch

2: 4. Romance: Will they finally get together? 5. Drama: Their pasts provide endless storylines 6. Legacy: A spinoff would honor their NCIS journey

3: 1. Family: Tony and Ziva's daughter is a new angle 2. Suspense: What cases will they tackle next? 3. Nostalgia: Bringing back beloved characters

4: 4. Growth: Tony and Ziva's characters continue to evolve 5. Diversity: Their backgrounds add depth to the show 6. Teamwork: They make a formidable crime-fighting duo

5: 1. Challenges: New obstacles to overcome 2. Humor: Their banter keeps fans entertained 3. Power: Tony and Ziva are a force to be reckoned with

6: 4. Friendship: Their bond withstands any test 5. Authenticity: Fans connect with their journey 6. Innovation: A spinoff would bring fresh ideas to NCIS

7: 1. Resilience: Tony and Ziva face adversity head-on 2. Empathy: Their emotions resonate with viewers 3. Legacy: Their story deserves to be continued

8: 4. Intrigue: What secrets will be revealed? 5. Redemption: Tony and Ziva have unfinished business 6. Inspiration: Their resilience inspires fans worldwide

9: 1. Passion: Tony and Ziva's dedication is unwavering 2. Excitement: The spinoff promises thrills and surprises 3. Impact: A new chapter for NCIS fans to enjoy.