1: Schnitzel - A breaded and fried veal or pork cutlet served with potatoes and salad, a classic German favorite.

2: Döner Kebab - Turkish-inspired street food of grilled meat served in a pita with veggies and sauces, a popular quick bite.

3: Currywurst - Sliced sausage topped with curry ketchup and curry powder, a savory street food snack enjoyed across Germany.

4: Pretzels - Soft-baked bread twisted into a knot shape and sprinkled with salt, a delicious accompaniment to beer or as a snack.

5: Spätzle - Soft egg noodles served as a side dish or with melted cheese and fried onions, a comforting and hearty German staple.

6: Rouladen - Thinly sliced beef rolled with pickles, onions, and mustard, braised until tender, a traditional German Sunday meal.

7: Haxe - Roasted pork knuckle with crispy skin served with sauerkraut and potatoes, a popular dish in Bavarian beer gardens.

8: Maultaschen - Swabian dumplings filled with meat, spinach, and herbs, often served in broth or fried, a regional favorite.

9: Black Forest Cake - Layers of chocolate sponge cake with cherries and cream, topped with chocolate shavings, a classic German dessert.