1: Aries - This year, Arians will experience a surge of love and joy in their relationships.

2: Leo - Leos will find new and fulfilling connections that bring happiness and contentment.

3: Libra - Librans are set to embark on a journey of love and harmony in 2021.

4: Sagittarius - Sagittarians will encounter love and happiness in unexpected ways this year.

5: Pisces - Pisceans are destined to find deep and lasting love that brings them joy.

6: Taurus - Taureans will experience romance and happiness like never before this year.

7: Cancer - Cancers will foster strong and loving relationships that bring them immense happiness.

8: Virgo - Virgos are in for a year of love and happiness as they attract positive energy.

9: Capricorn - Capricorns will find love and happiness through self-discovery and self-love this year.