1: 1. Pho with zucchini noodles 2. Spring rolls with tofu 3. Banh mi with lean turkey 4. Bun cha with grilled chicken 5. Goi cuon with brown rice wrappers

2: 6. Com ga with quinoa 7. Ca kho to with wild-caught fish 8. Xoi with black rice 9. Bun thit nuong with cauliflower rice

3: 10. Canh chua with shrimp and veggies 11. Banh xeo with whole wheat flour 12. Mi quang with spiralized veggies 13. Nem nuong with lean pork 14. Cha ca la Vong with grilled salmon

4: 15. Bo kho with sweet potatoes 16. Hu tieu with shirataki noodles 17. Banh bao with whole wheat dough 18. Cha gio with baked instead of fried 19. Banh bot loc with tapioca flour and lean protein

5: 20. Banh beo with low-fat toppings 21. Pho chay with tofu and veggie broth 22. Banh canh with konjac noodles 23. Thit kho with lean pork belly 24. Banh trang nuong with brown rice paper

6: 25. Xoi gac with sticky red rice 26. Com nieu with quinoa and beans 27. Banh mi Op La with whole grain bread 28. Ca ri ga with lean chicken and coconut milk 29. Banh trang cuon with low-calorie fillings

7: 30. Banh tet with lean ground meat 31. Sup mang cua with bone broth 32. Thit heo kho trung with boiled eggs 33. Rau muong xao toi with minimal oil 34. Cha ca with grilled tilapia

8: 35. Com tam with brown rice and lean protein 36. Bun rieu with tofu and tomato broth 37. Banh cam with whole grain flour 38. Ca loc nuong la lot with herbs and veggies 39. Bo luc lac with lean beef and mixed greens

9: 40. Chao vit with lean duck breast 41. Banh xeo with turmeric and whole wheat 42. Xoi chien phong with air-fried technique 43. Buon duck with veggies and minimal oil 44. Pho ga with free range chicken and whole grain noodles