5 Minute Vegan Breakfasts-Foods High In Whey Protein - Fort Morgan Food

5 minute vegan  breakfastsfoods high in whey protein

Lets start

Smoothie bliss blend a cup of almond milk a scoop of vegan whey protein powder a banana and some spinach for a delicious highprotein breakfast in less than five minutes

Peanut butter power spread peanut butter on wholegrain toast and top with sliced strawberries and chia seeds for a quick proteinrich morning bite

Overnight oats magic prepare a jar of overnight oats by mixing rolled oats almond milk chia seeds and a scoop of whey protein powder grab it from the fridge for a speedy breakfast

Chia pudding delight combine chia seeds almond milk and a dash of maple syrup in a jar add your favorite berries and let it sit overnight for a nutritious quick morning meal

Protein pancakes galore mix vegan protein powder with mashed bananas and oat flour to whip up fast proteinpacked pancakes serve with a dollop of dairyfree yogurt and berries

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