1: 1. Classic chili and Jiffy cornbread make a comforting combo for family dinner.

2: 2. BBQ pulled pork sandwiches with Jiffy cornbread are a tasty pairing.

3: 3. Serve fried chicken with Jiffy cornbread for a delicious Southern-inspired meal.

4: 4. Creamy chicken and mushroom casserole with Jiffy cornbread is a hearty dinner option.

5: 5. Sloppy Joes and Jiffy cornbread make a quick and kid-friendly meal.

6: 6. Pair Jiffy cornbread with homemade mac and cheese for a comforting dinner.

7: 7. Enjoy a bowl of hearty beef stew with a side of Jiffy cornbread.

8: 8. Serve Jiffy cornbread with a warm bowl of vegetarian chili for a satisfying meal.

9: 9. Spicy shrimp jambalaya with Jiffy cornbread is a flavorful dinner option for the whole family.