1: 1. Try the authentic sushi from Japan. 2. Indulge in the flavorful pasta from Italy.

2: 3. Experience the spicy curries from India. 4. Savor the exotic paella from Spain.

3: 5. Sample the rich and creamy fondue from Switzerland. 6. Delight in the fresh seafood dishes from Thailand.

4: 7. Taste the mouthwatering tacos from Mexico. 8. Enjoy the hearty shepherd's pie from Ireland.

5: 9. Dive into the aromatic pho from Vietnam. 10. Feast on the traditional schnitzel from Austria.

6: 11. Relish the savory tapas from Spain. 12. Treat yourself to the decadent crème brûlée from France.

7: 13. Discover the flavorful jerk chicken from Jamaica. 14. Indulge in the spicy kimchi from Korea.

8: 15. Enjoy the tangy ceviche from Peru. 16. Sample the comforting ramen from Japan.

9: 17. Savor the sweet baklava from Greece. 18. Try the crispy fish and chips from England.