1: "Conceal redness and puffiness with a green color corrector before applying makeup."

2: "Combat oily skin by using oil-absorbing sheets throughout the night to keep shine at bay."

3: "Prevent smudged mascara by using a waterproof formula and avoiding rubbing your eyes."

4: "Fix cakey foundation by spritzing a hydrating setting spray for a fresh, dewy finish."

5: "Treat breakouts with a spot treatment containing salicylic acid to reduce redness and inflammation."

6: "Revive tired-looking eyes with a cooling eye gel or cream to reduce puffiness and dark circles."

7: "Touch up lipstick throughout the night with a lip brush for a polished and precise look."

8: "Nourish dry, flaky skin with a hydrating face mask the night before to ensure a smooth base."

9: "Refresh your makeup look with blotting papers and a touch of highlighter for a glowing complexion."