1: Meet Rip Wheeler, Beth Dutton, and John Dutton from Yellowstone! These captivating characters deserve a spinoff show of their own.

2: Rip Wheeler, the tough and loyal ranch hand, has a mysterious past waiting to be explored in his own series.

3: Beth Dutton, the cunning and fearless daughter of John Dutton, could carry a spinoff with her sharp wit and strong presence.

4: John Dutton, the powerful patriarch of the Dutton family, has a complex backstory that could be delved into in a new show.

5: Imagine the drama, intrigue, and action these three characters could bring to a new series! Fans are eager for their stories to continue.

6: With their unique personalities and deep connections to the Yellowstone universe, Rip, Beth, and John are perfect candidates for a spinoff.

7: A spinoff focusing on these three characters could further explore the gripping world of Yellowstone and expand on their individual journeys.

8: From heart-wrenching moments to intense conflicts, a spinoff featuring Rip, Beth, and John would offer a fresh perspective and keep viewers hooked.

9: Don't miss out on the opportunity to dive deeper into the lives of these compelling characters. A Yellowstone spinoff with Rip, Beth, and John is a must-watch!