1: "Boost Muscle Growth with High-Protein, Low-Fat Foods"

2: "Egg Whites: A Lean Source of Protein for Muscle Repair"

3: "Greek Yogurt: Packed with Protein and Gut-Healthy Probiotics"

4: "Chicken Breast: Low in Fat, High in Protein for a Balanced Diet"

5: "Salmon: Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Protein for Heart Health"

6: "Tofu: Plant-Based Protein Alternative for Vegetarians and Vegans"

7: "Quinoa: High in Protein and Fiber, Perfect for Plant-Based Diets"

8: "Lean Beef: Iron-Rich Protein Source for Energy and Muscle Building"

9: "Cottage Cheese: Low-Calorie, Protein-Packed Snack for Weight Loss Goals"